Puddle Jumpers

Enjoying life, off the hamster wheel



The Wandelhalle at Hamburg train station


Windmill in morning, seen through the train window from Germany to Denmark


Reflection of Ingrid in train window


Ferry from Helsingør, Denmark, to Helsingborg, Sweden



Neil, relaxed and happy on Maui



Reflections and shapes at the Reichstag



Ingrid, relaxed and happy in Berlin



Wolf Rider (a composited photo)



Fred, celebrating




Needs improvement, but this a diptych called “Where’s Your God?” that Ingrid painted in 2004 at UBC. The inspiration was from the line “God Bless America”. They’re intended to sit side by side.




We saw this little truck on the floor of the subway somewhere in Stockholm. There it sat, people walking over it or around it. Reminded Ingrid of the Tin Soldier by H.C. Andersen.



5 comments on “Photos

  1. Barbro
    October 5, 2006

    Hi, fun to see more pics. These are just a few, there must be tons more. How did Ingrid’s camera finally fare after getting rain showered on the beach in Maui? With anticipation of continuation, I signed
    with Love, Mom/Barbro.

  2. ingridandneil
    October 5, 2006

    Ingrid’s camera fared well. Perhaps it was user error rather than the rain. Turns out she had removed the card reader before ejecting it, thus potentially corrupting the files. Ah well, better blaming it on the rain, it’s more dramatic that way. As for the pile of corrupted files from Stockholm, those came about because of limited hard drive space in the computer. But that’s okay because there are LOTS still, over 4000 from our month away (including Neil’s). Anyone up for an evening of “Our Vacation” slide show? ha ha

  3. Barbro
    October 6, 2006

    Of course, everyone wants to see the pictures from the trips with the narratives to go with them. Let’s just get it all together as to when, where and who. Second week of October or so./B

  4. Fredrik
    July 14, 2008

    The wolfridercomposition is for real. Belive me. Mamma Mia!
    The wolf was 110% alive of course…..but not anymore after that ride. 🙂

  5. ingridandneil
    July 14, 2008

    Ha ha! Ride ’em Cowboy! Err… I mean “Wolfboy”!

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