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Kindness Flag Project


It all started with an idea and a Facebook post:

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at MondayNov 12-1.18.27

In June of 2011, Ingrid began something called the Kindness Flag Project. It started as a response to the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, and has gently transformed into an project that supports the concept of unity, friendship, community and kindness through art, in tandem with other activities.

Ingrid created the Kindness Flag Project blog to record stories and pictures. Click on the picture of the post above, or http://kindnessflagproject.wordpress.com/ to visit the site.

People were intrigued with the project, and a few of them made videos of it.

A super nice guy named Benjamin Smith came down a couple of times to see the project, which he filmed and posted to his YouTube channel. I downloaded it and edited it. You can see the edited version below or watch the original here.

There was also a woman who came down on the first day and she loved the project so much she pulled out her iPhone and recorded me on the spot to put up on her website. She worked for a non-profit, as I recall.  I wasn’t expecting the attention, and wasn’t prepared, but I was thrilled that so many people wanted to share the goodness that the project was drawing out of people. I downloaded her video at the time. Here it is:

A year later I was invited by the organizers of Restore/Reconnect to participate in the one year anniversary of the Stanley Cup riot and the Kindness Flag Project. Here’s a little video of the flags that were made that weekend:

I’m so glad I took the chance to start this project, and I’m curious to see where it will go as it slowly evolves over time.

I hope you enjoy clicking through the posts on the site, and that it inspires you to act kindly too.





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