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Not an End – A Beginning


The PreShow Kickstarter fundraising campaign came to an end yesterday. The goal had been to raise $59,000.00 by Feb. 21 in order to secure a contribution by the Canadian Media Fund of $177,000.00.

Three weeks ago when I found out about the campaing, they had raised about $6500.00. By yesterday, they had raised $20,100.00! That’s pretty good – about 34% of their goal. It was short of their target, and short my target to shave my head if they raised $25,000.00, but it felt like it was picking up momentum at the end! A very good feeling indeed!

Although the funding was unsuccessful, it was a success none-the-less, in that it has shown the PreShow team that there’s interest in the product and taught them ways of driving further interest and investment for it.

James wrote a lovely letter on behalf of the PreShow team to all the people who’d contributed. It reads:

Dear friend,

The PreShow team and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our project. Our Kickstarter deadline passed a few hours ago, and though we didn’t reach our funding goal, there is lots to celebrate. In the last few weeks, 151 people pledged over $20,000 — an amazing outpouring of generosity, and growth of the PreShow community.

This is the end of our Kickstarter, but it is not the end of PreShow. Through this campaign we have made many great connections, including some that have given us new ideas for raising the money we need to unlock our Canada Media Fund matching funds. We are not giving up!

We also don’t want to lose touch with YOU! In order to stay connected, we need to collect your email address, which Kickstarter doesn’t release to project creators.

***** Please fill out this form so we can stay in touch: http://bit.ly/1buepgO *****

On the form, you have the option to simply receive occasional updates by email, explore demo shows we’ll be putting up shortly on the beta version of PreShow, have us set you up with an account so you can use the beta version yourself for your own projects, or all three! We promise not to overwhelm you with lots of emails, and you always have the option to unsubscribe.

Thank you again for believing in PreShow. We look forward to sharing our successes with you in future!

All the best,

James and the PreShow team

I had a lot of fun doing what I could to promote this project; because, I think this is exactly what the entertainment production sector needs right now as we slide quickly into the first quarter of the 21st C., and adjust to rapidly changing technologies, demands and expectations.

If you are a fund raiser, have experience with social media and Online fundraising and think your expertise could be of benefit to James and his team, please consider contacting them and offering your help, advice, time, expertise, etc. I’m sure they will be very grateful – especially if you can provide them with a portfolio of your work and proof of your accomplishments. What is it the business sector calls it? “Deliverables” – I think.

If you’re an arts professional or student, and you work in theatre, film, TV, corporate events, live events, concerts, webisodes, sporting events, etc., and you are interested in using the software and would like to keep apprised of where the team is going with it, please consider signing up with PreShow. Sign up for their beta version here, to play with the software online.

James’ health makes our interest and support of this project that much more important, as the urgency of getting it off the ground hasn’t diminished just because this fund raising initiative was unsuccessful. If they launch another one that lasts a little longer, please consider contributing again! After all, our contributions weren’t deducted from our credit cards! It’s ours to re-invest! Good news for PreShow, and good news for all of us! 🙂

Please stay tuned for more. As I hear things about PreShow’s next initiative, I’ll post it to the blog. Hopefully you’ll share it wider and wider and get more people interested in it.

Because this is not an end, it’s a beginning!



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