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An Entertaining Close Shave!

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Only 3 days left of PreShow’s Kickstarter campaign! Feb. 21 is fast approaching and they need your generous support!

If they can raise over $25,000.00 I’ve promised to shave my head! Help me get a haircut! Haha! I’m shaving my head for entertainment! 🙂

PreShow is a revolutionary project management software application for theatre, event, TV, film professionals and non-professionals. It will even be helpful for students too!

More and more individuals collaborate in a decentralized way, and things can get disorganized and inefficient very quickly!

PreShow streamlines the process, keeping all the various pieces of information neatly organized. It has been developed by professionals who have experience first-hand in how rapidly changing technologies are affecting the efficiency of producing shows. This experience led them to team with software developers to create a tool that will benefit a lot of people today and in the future.

But it takes a significant investment to produce such a powerful tool.

Please help the PreShow team raise the capital they need to get additional funding through the Canada Media Fund.

The Canada Media Fund will back the project with $177,000.00, IF PreShow can raise $59,000.00.

We can help them if we spread the word widely!

Please click on the PreShow link to donate, and tell everyone you know about it!

And you can play with there BETA version here to!

Thank you!


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