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Kickin’ it for PreShow’s Kickstarter!


YES! PreShow’s Kickstarter campaign is kickin’ it!!

Only 4 more days, but it’s moving! With everyone’s help, we might pull a hat-trick yet!

PreShow’s Kickstarter campaign is getting close to the $25,000.00 mark. As of 3:00pm today, it was $19,146.00!! That means that I might be doing my pledge to SHAVE MY HEAD (yikes!) when the campaign cracks $25,000.00! Wouldn’t it be even more awesome if the Kickstarter campaign raised its needed $59,000.00 by Feb. 21st! Let’s make happen!

But, you might wonder, what IS PreShow, anyway?

Basically, it’s project management software that’s been developed for the entertainment and production industries. It has been designed to assist artists and production personnel in the development, implementation and execution of various kinds of shows. It is especially needed now, as more and more collaborators are communicating across distances using digital technologies that are currently awkward and cumbersome.

You can play with their beta program! I have. It’s GREAT! Check it out – Go PreShow Beta.

So, why is there such an urgency to get this rolled out now?

There are three reasons:
1. The Canada Media Fund has committed to contribute $177,000.00 to the project IF PreShow can raise $59,000.00 by Feb. 21.
2. The company’s CEO, James Pollard, was diagnosed with prostate cancer around the same time he began developing the software, and now his illness is terminal, and he wants to get this out there while he’s still healthy and strong.
3. Not only will getting this software out to market be of huge benefit for the entertainment production community, but James will leave a wonderful legacy for his beloved community of artists and collaborators to use for a long time to come.

Why am I, Ingrid, so committed to this?

An easy answer! The first reason is because I worked with James a long time ago and really liked him and have super good memories of him, and the gig. Because of this, I really want him to realize his goal. The second reason is that I’ve branched out into Stage Management, and my experience has shown me that it would be really great if there was some kind of project management software that could be used by arts production teams, because so many of us don’t work in a centralized environment. And when I discovered PreShow, I was sold! It’s exactly what I thought was needed, and I’d really like it to get out there! It will be a great benefit to the community.

What can YOU do?

That’s also EASY! For starters, go to PreShow’s Kickstarter page and give as much as you can. Then SHARE the link and the story, TELL YOUR FRIENDS about PreShow and ask them to donate too!

Why is PreShow important to you?

Because you benefit from all the behind the scenes work that happens on shows! All the stuff you don’t see! The next time you see a show – any show – think about what you’re looking at in front of you, and then imagine all the people and hours and work that goes on behind the scenes to make the magic happen! Your contribution to PreShow will help us make your experience even better!

Pretty cool, eh?

Now head on over to PreShow’s Kickstarter page and please give generously!

Thank you!


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