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Help me help raise $40,214.00 by Feb. 21!!!

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4 DAYS TO GO! Time is running out!

This fabulous piece of software, that could best be described as a Project Management tool for artists in the entertainment and event industries, is something that will make doing projects so much easier! The developers need to raise an additional $40,214.00 by Feb. 21!

Please help me help them make it happen!!

As more and more people are collaborating over larger distances, communication has become inefficient and awkward. The default “thing” is Email, and before long, the information people are trying to convey becomes a jumbled mess in your Inbox.

Something is needed that would revolutionize how we create shows in the 21st century.

PreShow is the answer! It provides a platform for collaborators to share and communicate ideas from start to finish! It’s quite frankly, awesome!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE donate to (click on the bold title) PreShow’s Kickstarter campaign to get this project off the ground. Click on the link below and give generously!

If you’ve already donated, PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!! Tell your friends and colleagues about this!

Not sure what it is? Explore the website! Play with the beta version –

Help me help James Pollard get this puppy off the ground! LET’S DO THIS!


Check out PreShow’s cool information video by clicking on the link: Why PRESHOW?


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