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Shaving my Head for Entertainment

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Entertainment in the 21st century is changing, and I’m going to shave my head for the cause – for entertainment! 🙂

We go to theatre, see movies, watch TV, watch Webisodes online, go to concerts, ballet, symphonic performances, corporate events, trade shows, but how they’re being produced is changing fast as technologies change, and people become more mobile. Individuals now come together as teams Online from remote locations to put on a show, compared to the past when working that way was a lot more difficult and took more time.

If anyone has seen any kind of theatrical production, rock show, movie, TV show, musical, ballet, sporting event (hello Olympics!) etc., you’ve seen the result of countless hours of work behind the scenes by lots of people who make the magic happen. For it to happen takes a lot of organizing, scheduling, communication, creativity… and most of all, collaboration!

James Pollard is a respected theatre professional based in Vancouver. He and his team of professional developers and theatre professionals have developed a piece of software called PreShow. He’s also been diagnosed with cancer, and wants to leave this project as a legacy for the industry he’s passionate about.

PreShow is a piece of software developed by professionals for professionals, amateurs and schools that will help with the collaborative process of their productions. It knits all the parts together to help people communicate and execute a project through its various stages. With more collaboration happening between people across greater distances, this kind of thing can’t be more beneficial or timely. It’s quite exciting, really!

But time is running out!

James and the team has turned to KickStarter to try to raise the capital needed to secure a grant from the Canada Media Fund. PreShow needs to raise $59,000.00 by Feb. 21 in order to get the grant.

I’m hoping he and his team can do this! And I’m doing what I can to help! If a lot of people contribute what they can, then the PreShow team will reach their goal!

It’s a good piece of software. I’ve been testing it on its beta site here: PreShow Beta. If you’re involved in entertainment production technologies, maybe you’re a Director, Stage Manager, Technical Director, Production Manager, Designer, Writer, Producer, etc., please sign in and check out the beta site. And please donate to the campaign!

Even if you aren’t directly involved in the entertainment bizzzz please donate anyway! Even $10 will help. “Penny upon penny makes many,” my mamma always said! (I should have followed her advice… haha!)

Click on the PreShow KickStarter link: http://kck.st/1aoYnSC and head on over to donate!

But why? Why should you donate?

Because you could get tea, cookies, AND a lovely handmade quilt! Go onto the PreShow KickStarter page to see what I’m talking about! 🙂

But that’s not all!

YOU will be contributing to the thing you love: Entertainment! You love a good movie, or a great rock concert, or maybe an awesome theatre show, right? You’ll be helping the people behind the scenes that you don’t see! You’ll be making their jobs more efficient and stream lined, which in turn will make your experience that much BETTER!

But wait! There’s more!

I’ve pledged to shave my hair! Yup! You read right: I’ve pledged to shave my hair if the donations go above $25,000.00 in the next 6 days! And I’ll post it to YouTube. AND James has even said he’ll shave his hair with me if I pull it off! I love my hair… It’s nice and long now, it’s silver/white. I get a lot of compliments on it. (I’ll post an updated photo of me and my hair for your viewing pleasure, later.) And I’m willing to part with it for this cause! Will you help me?

Then I’ll donate it to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients! Win-Win!

Here’s a video from the PreShow KickStarter campaign that explains what it is briefly:

Please donate today! Please spread the word! Please share with your friends!

Together, we can make it happen!! YES. WE. CAN! *fist bump* 🙂

Thank you!



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