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Gulf of Mexico oil disaster

I am disgusted by the recent events of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, and the “spill” that BP is doing a terrible job at trying to stop. Wanting to know what other accidents have happened in the world in regards to oil production, I turned to Wikipedia to see if they had a list of “spills”, and sure enough, they do. Here’ the link – Wikipedia List of Oil Spills. Of all the oil producing nations, the U.S. has had the most spills.

I’ve been posting an awful lot on my Facebook page. My hope is that I’ll reach a larger readership than I would if I only posted to this blog. The highest number of viewers in the past year has been 10. Makes me laugh. But from time to time I’ll post here as well. For now, all I can say is I encourage everyone to consider carefully what they are personally doing that places further demand on oil production, and by extension, places a great deal of stress on the environment. For example, this is what is happening to seabirds along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico: Louisiana Coast pictures.

A friend of mine says he’s going to start riding a horse to work. That way, he can nap in the saddle as the horse heads for home. The horse can eat hay and grass, and my friend can sequester the manure and use that gas for cooking and light. Saving the world, one quirky idea at a time.

Of course, he’ll probably have to get a job a little closer to home that has a stable to park his horse!


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