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Where have all the Orators gone?

So I was just listening to the CBC rebroadcasting the last of the 1968 Massey Lectures given by Martin Luther King Jr. it was recorded about three months before he was assassinated. I was struck at how eloquent and moving a speaker he was. I think we can all recall his famous “I have a dream” speech, but it would seem that he always spoke with that level of passion and commitment. He is truly an inspiring human being.

Then it occurred to me, where is the great orators of today? I can’t think off anyone that I would put in the same category of the great speakers of old. I’m not even talking about the message, but the delivery. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great speaker, and though this will probably get me in trouble I would say so was Adolf Hitler. I don’t agree with what he had to say, but my in-laws who were european tell me he was a motivating speaker. Makes sense when you think about what he motivated an entire country to do. There are of course others, Winston Churchill, Malcolm X and many more of the 20th Century. But who do we have now? I’m starting to think that the problem with civilization today is that we have no one to motivate us. Voter turnout is at an all time low, and very few seem to care enough to even try and understand the issues of our times. Here in Canada we’ve got Harpo, Iggy, and Taliban Jack. Not very inspiring. The last leader of a federal party Canada had that I cared to listen to was Jean Chrétien, and that was still work. Sad really.

And in the USA? well there’s lots of yellers, but few worth listening to. Don’t get me wrong, I like Obama, but the man has to stop taking his valium, and get a little bit raucous. What I think the world needs is real leaders, not CEO’s, not managers, but leaders who will provide the rest of us with some direction and real options, not some rhetoric.

What do I want for Christmas? Real worldwide leadership of the kind not shown at the Copenhagen Conference. I want someone I can believe in and trust to lead my country into the future.

Right now, I wouldn’t trust any of the clowns in federal, and provincial politics to park my car.

Neil, looking for a compass heading to cross the puddle.


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This entry was posted on December 24, 2009 by in Main.

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