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Environmental concerns…

I was just thinking about all the talk about the environment: About greenhouse gas emissions produced by automobiles, industry, transportation vehicles, freighters… the list goes on and on… when suddenly I remembered the horrid images in the media from “The War on Terror” in Iraq. How many years ago was it? 2001 was the WTC catastrophe, the first bombs were dropped on Iraq by 2002, and by 2003 we were seeing images of Baghdad being carpet bombed. What’s more, miles and miles an miles of Iraqi oil wells were bombed. Do you remember the plumes of black smoke that burned for… how long? Months? A year? How much pollution was spewed into the atmosphere from that, and how come no one talks about it? Has the world forgotten about it? Was it not a climatic disaster? Is driving my car to and from work worse than the plumes of black, acrid smoke billowing into the sky from those burning oil fields?

It appears oil fields are still burning:

After reading the article in the link above, it’s even more evident to me that the issue will never be resolved. Greed and obfuscation will reign. All living things deserve clean air and water, but humans will ensure that won’t happen. Ever.

Oh, Fuddle Puddle. I just don’t get it.



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