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Palin vs. Obama (the Mesdames)

After the white noise and repetitive vocal swaggering of Sarah Palin, I have found the refreshingly intelligent, erudite, eloquent, poised, polite, thoughtful and considered words of Michelle Obama. You might think I’m a little over the top with my swooning admiration of her; maybe so, but when you consider the Palin-schlock that has been dominating the media, it’s like water for the thirsty, or fresh air in a suffocating mine. The canary is singing! Hallelujah!

Okay, my notice and opinion of Michelle may be a little late, after the US Presidential race’s fact, but hey, better late than never. What a great woman Michelle Obama is. Not only is she a wonderful dresser, unlike Canada’s own fashionista, Julie Couillard (please check out my entries about her), but Michelle Obama comes across as intelligent and balanced. She’s the kind of person I’d love to invite to a dinner party and have a lively and relaxed conversation with.

My first introduction to Michelle Obama was a four part Youtube video of an interview she had with Larry King. I’ll post that link here: You’ll have to navigate through the other three parts on Youtube. I was so impressed with her. Contrast her with Palin, and you’ve got to wonder why Palin had 49% approval ratings at the time. What the hell were the Americans thinking? As I said before, Michelle Obama is so gracious, intelligent, reserved, poised, articulate, beautiful… Even if she’s faking it, she’s doing a damned fine job! From my vantage point, she and Barack have created an excellent family model.

And then I found this clip. Again… wow!

I could go on and on, there’s a lot on Youtube to watch. Unfortunately it’s hard to know what the sources are or when they were filmed. Never the less, this little exposure into the next First Lady’s character gives me sense of comfort over here on the north side of the 49th parallel. I don’t know what the next US administration can change in the world, if much. I doubt it will stop the crisis in Gaza, or halt the many tensions throughout the planet. But, I’m glad to see that history has finally broken through the race ceiling in the US, and black person can finally be all he or she can aspire to.

Next ceiling to break through: Women’s roles, beyond a supporting one.

Now, what shall we serve up with our Perogi’d government? A little sour cream and chives, perhaps?



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