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Julie Couillard, Maven of Fashion

For your interest, I found a great photo of the entire ensemble Julie Couillard wore to Maxime Bernier’s swearing in ceremony. Please note the shoes! They are SO wrong for the outfit. Seriously, is she really going to give fashion commentary on TV? Wow. Will wonders ever cease?


I suppose the reason we haven’t seen the whole package from tip to toe is because of the bodacious bow at her bosom. It’s distracting, so media outlets have cropped the pictures to only include her upper torso and head. It takes the idea of “bust” to a new level.

One thing is for sure, you have to admire her excellent physique and beauty. She obviously looks after herself, she’s well groomed and fit. No wonder she’s attracted so much attention. She’s a rare bird on parliament hill, and nobody likes a trophy girlfriend and the fallout of having one as much as all us house-bound Canadians holed up in our homes and pottering around with cabin fever in the middle of winter. You go girl!

What will she auction off next? The bugs that were planted in her bed?


Cabin Fevered Puddle Potterer


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