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Julie Couillard Dress Auction

Oh thank goodness! I can’t believe how relieved I am to know that Julie Couillard now plans to auction her famous dress, the one she wore to Bernier’s swearing in ceremony. You might remember it, the dress, probably not the ceremony, her breasts were amazingly firm and plump, and not fake looking in the least.

But, the money she’ll raise from the sale of the dress will go to an epilepsy charity, a disease she apparently suffered from as a child. I can’t believe this woman and all that she’s suffered! Poor, poor girl. First we heard of the horrible life she had as the unwitting girlfriend of biker criminals; then later, the horrible experiences at the hands of that political cad, Maxime Bernier, and now, oh woe is she, a victim of childhood epilepsy. Give me strength!

Adding to the irony, she will be a co-hosting a fashion show on a Quebec TV station in the spring. Um, excuse me, I direct you to the blazer over exhibit A, the dress.
The poorly fitted blazer she wore over the dress didn’t match the outfit and it looked like a last minute cover up, like she had planned to do something else that day, like go to the beach, but at the last minute Maxime called her up and asked her to come to his inauguration. Would you take fashion advice from a woman wearing that?

I’d rather turn to Posh, thanks very much, so that’s saying something.

Well, at least this story still makes for fun reading and searching on the Internet, and a reason to post to our blog when all else eludes me.

Happy Holidays!



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