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An Historical Landmark: The U.S. Presidential Elections

They say it’s not about race, yet there’s a distinctive atmosphere that would indicate that, Yes, it is about race.

It’s as if the world let out a collective sigh after Barack Obama won the most recent U.S. Presidential election, as if humanity is getting pretty tired of the privileged white male running the most dominant country in the world. It’s not just because people wanted to see the end of the Republicans (for awhile – they’ll be back, let’s hope sans Sarah Palin), it’s not just a change in foreign policy and all that complicated, convoluted, intricate high-falutin’ political stuff that most of us don’t understand anyway that we were hoping for. No, it’s that the majority of regular folk in the world are happy to see a black guy, instead of a white guy, running the U.S. There’s a hope that he might do things a little differently, maybe with a little more sensitivity, and more sensibly. He’s worked his way to where he is today, as opposed to having it handed to him by virtue of familial connections. He’s intelligent, suave, cool and level headed. He seems unknown, somehow, and maybe that’s a good thing. He appears to be a good statesman and diplomatic.

The U.S., and maybe even the world, isn’t ready for a female U.S. president. Not yet. It’s a huge leap that they’ve elected a black guy. It wasn’t an overwhelming victory as far as the popular vote is concerned, but it was a decent victory, and long over due. What a relief.

As for women, I think women in North America, particularly Canada and the U.S. will continue to have problems as long as they are viewed as entertainment objects by the male populous. I just made a prop for When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder. One of the characters reads a Playboy magazine, so I made a cover and put it on a different magazine. The tag line of Playboy reads: “Entertainment for Men”. Consider this: Women as entertainment. Specifically, women as objects of male entertainment.

Yea, you say, but both women and men can differentiate between the sex symbol and the intelligent woman who would be able to run the county. Okay, perhaps. And the U.S. has finally been able to differentiate between a capable black man and a subordinate black man. Has this leap of logic extended to women? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s more complicated than we might understand.


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