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A Series of Disconnected Musings

Not related to much, but this has been in the incubator, aka A Draft, for awhile…

– Thank goodness for the sex industry’s fashion esthetic creeping into and influencing the mainstream. It’s so enjoyable and not distracting at all to see young and enthusiastic girls working in technical theatre wearing tight tops with plunging necklines and showing off their sizable décolletages, otherwise known as cleavage. However, I’m disappointed with fashion moving away from the super short top paired with pants with a super low hip-riders waist tenuously held up by a wide belt cinched tight. I’m thankful there are a few die hards who hang on to that style with all their muffin top glory. It’s hilarious to see these gals, who are trying to be taken seriously as technicians, bend over to reveal the feminine version of plumber’s crack – complete with thong underwear firmly imbedded in the recess of their butt – pick up a piece of heavy soca, throw it over their shoulder and walk away in their steel toed boots, while trying to pull down their shirts, and pull up their pants. It’s great that they don’t cover up at work and get skimpy in the evening, because skimpy at work is much safer attire than covering up, and it always gives the boys something to look at and talk about. And you want to keep the dogs happy in their kennels while they’re hard at work.

Seriously though, even if some girls don’t wear low neckline tops and thong undies, many of them still wear those low-rise jeans and pants that are too small and cut into their hips, and bikini briefs. How do I know they wear bikini underwear? Because I’ve seen them when they bend over. And they obviously feel uncomfortable because they’re always tugging at their clothes, pulling the tops down over the bulge and the pants up. I have some tips for them: 1) don’t look at the number sizing of the clothing, buy what fits. Remember, sizing is arbitrary, there is no universal number. One company’s size 10 is another’s size 12 and yet another’s size 8. Try on the clothes and wear what fits smoothly over the body, that doesn’t cut into the girth. 2) At work, especially if you work as a stage tech, dress a little conservatively. Gals, the industry is still male dominated, and a guy is a guy, and boobs and bums are boobs and bums. It’s not fair to say “Hey, get over yourself, I can wear whatever I like. You need to control your sexual triggers.” Ever noticed what sells almost everything? A woman in a skimpy outfit. Okay, except for insurance and financial products. I don’t think I’ve seen too many lingerie wearing chicks advertising house insurance. Maybe women in bathing suits for travel insurance… but I digress… In our society where sex sells and images flood our lives and the Internet is awash in easily accessed porn and sexual content, we are ALL affected by the images and messages we receive. Hell, half the time we’re lighting scantily clad rock stars and dancers. The way guys behave is not just a “guy problem”. It’s everyone’s problem. And if you want to be taken seriously as a technician in the entertainment biz, then heed my words. Work smartly, safely and diligently, but for heaven’s sake, dress the part. Work is work. Leisure is leisure. And there’s a kind of “uniform” for both. Keep your boobs tucked in and your ass covered. After work, let it all hang out. Go fill your boots.

– Home roasted coffee is good – and yes, it does start going bitter after 3 days. There’s nothing quite like the first cup of freshly roasted coffee. Yum! To take care of the smoky smell in the apartment, I’ve burned a Lamp Berger. It works. Check out the link.

– Where on Earth has all the lye gone? To make soap, one needs lye, and so far I can’t find it at London Drugs, Safeway or Save-On-Foods. There’s plenty of Draino™, so I don’t think the problem is about selling poison. This calls for an inquiry!

– Speaking of inquiries, Maxime Bernier and Julie Couillard appear to have fallen out of the media’s purview. Big surprise. The scandal done, Parliamentary posturing over, it’s a now done deal. Besides, without an inquiry as to how and why those documents were left at Ms. Couillard’s home, this issue, along with many other issues, will be left to rot, decompose and eventually will be forgotten, absorbed into the parliamentary compost pile of history where more issues and scandals can be grown and eventually discarded. Recycling at its finest.

– You can recycle clean, white styrofoam outside of Vancouver in Langley. I’ve been keeping our styrofoam and plan to coordinate with our friends and my work to take a load over to Langley. If you’re in the Vancouver area, perhaps you can do the same. I figure it might be better in the long run to drive into Langley (spewing horrible C02 emissions in the process) to recycle this stuff, than to throw it into the landfill where it will persist for millennia. It’s a hard to know what’s best, because recycling also produces emissions; whereas, letting it eventually break down will not produce emissions for a long time, but the as it degrades, it’s releasing toxic gases and chemicals. Yuck. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. Anyway, here’s their contact info: Mansonville Plastics, Clean Styrofoam blocks and packaging; Call ahead 19402 56th Avenue, Langley, 604-534-8626

– Lye: since starting this entry, I’ve found a source for lye in the Lower Mainland (now regrettably called “Metro Vancouver” which just sounds lame). Lye can be purchased through the Home Hardware chain. Here’s their link Home Hardware

– Today I bought a hot air popcorn popper specifically to roast coffee. I naturally had to see how it works and popped popcorn this evening in it. It’s kind of loud, but I think it will work. It will certainly make the process more contained, if nothing else. And if it doesn’t work for coffee roasting, well, then we have a popcorn popper that can take up space in the cupboard along with the bread maker that has been sitting dormant for 6 months.

Puddle Ponderer, Ingrid


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