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If The World Could Vote

I was just sent the following link.  Please take a look at it and cast your vote. 

Soon we’ll see what the outcome of the American presidential election will be.  Until then, curious and interested people from all countries can cast their votes to see what the outcome would be, If The World Could Vote.

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One comment on “If The World Could Vote

  1. barbro
    November 2, 2008

    I just voted. What a great idea! I also checked out how many votes were cast where. The amount of votes in some cases reflects the access to the internet and computers in the respetive region, I think. Look at Finland with 22,000 +votes cast. (They manufacture Nokia, you know). Even Seychelles registered, 4 votes I think. Hopefully Sweden will up their lagging 7,000+ in the next 2 days. Denmark showed 10,000+, Norway about 7,000 also, me thinks. Good luck to the world and power to those who care! L/M aka Barbro

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