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Prediction of Canada’s Federal Election

Here’s my prediction for the outcome of our federal election tomorrow. The Tories will form another minority with the Liberals as the official opposition. The Green’s might get one seat.

Later on, the Liberals will court the NDP to form a coalition government, but will be turned down my Jack Layton. He will not express publicly why he turned them down other than to say they don’t agree on some “key” platform issues, but privately the reason he would reject this idea is because he’s hungry for the top job and will not be #2 to Dion.

Then in 6 months we’ll be back at the ballot box doing the same old money sucking, time sucking, morale sucking exercise all over again because Harper will be hot around the collar to try to get a majority.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

Democracy in action in the True North, Strong and Free.

Puzzled by the political puddling.


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