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Canada Votes: Who are you voting for?

I’ve made up my mind, and I know who I’m voting for. I’ve gone online and checked out the three major parties and read their platforms on the environment and the economy. I’ve decided to vote for the party who, in my opinion, has taken into consideration both the environment and the economy. I’m a small fish in a very big pond (as evidenced by the number of hits to our website on any given day), and I know I’m not making massive economic decisions, nor are my friends; therefore, my economics are dictated by small numbers, not big ones. I’m a creature of the environment, as we all are, and I believe that the economy is linked with environment: We can’t consider one to the exclusion of the other. Therefore, my vote is going to the party who has developed a platform that we can all understand, that has been carefully thought out and is accessible to all. This party has put their mandate down on a website so detailed and carefully that anyone can read it and understand it. The other two major parties have only given us the broadest terms of their environmental and economic policies, which I think is arrogant and elitist – as if I understand that stuff. I’m not an economist, nor a scholar, so I expect the parties to spell it out for me, and then fulfill their promises. Finally, the party I’m voting for will consult with the experts on the economy, which seems very sensible to me, because I know that a politician is a politician, not an economic analyst, nor are they expert in the field of economics, so it seems reasonable that they consult with people who know more about a given topic than they do. Politicians are policy makers, and you can’t make a policy without consulting those who know.

I encourage you, the very few who read this blog, to go onto the websites of each of the parties, and read carefully the platforms they are putting forward. Read especially the parts that concern you the most, and vote for the party, not person, you believe in the most. Democracy is about asserting your rights to vote for who you believe in, not who you think you should vote for to keep another person out. That’s not democratic.

Let’s keep democracy where it belongs, with the people, not with the spin-doctors or influential, but with us. The seemingly not important, who care about the air we breathe, the land we live on and off of, and the future of our country and planet. I want to be proud of the country and planet I leave to the next generations.

Vote for the party that takes the environment AND economy into consideration. For real, and won’t simply table legislation and then talk about it as if it’s a done deal.


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