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Couillard & Bernier, the book we’ve all been waiting for

According to CBC, Maxime Bernier has taken exception to Julie Couillard’s book. Oh, really? Here’s the story from the CBC website:

Couillard book bombshells

The Julie Couillard-Maxime Bernier affair made headlines again Wednesday as Couillard’s book, My Story, was released to the media ahead of its Oct. 6 arrival at bookstores. In it, Couillard accuses the former Conservative foreign minister of frequently badmouthing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and says Bernier once asked Couillard to dispose of confidential NATO briefing papers on trash day.

For his part, Bernier dismissed Couillard’s allegations as “gossipy delusions,” saying his former girlfriend was only interested in increasing book sales.

For more info go to Maxime Bernier Timeline.

Oooohhh! Canadian politics! Always full of intrigue and wonder!


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