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Julie Couillard autobiography

OH YAY! The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Julie Couillard will FINALLY pen her autobiography, due to be out this fall. Imagine how quickly she’ll be writing her memoirs, keys sparking away on her laptop, brain reaching for just the right word. She’s going to chronicle her life from her “modest beginnings” to her catapult to fame with the revelation of her association with Bernier and his eventual fall from grace, with the tragic deaths of bikers peppered in between for suspense and drama. Of course, maybe she’s been writing them for awhile, and all this ludicrousness with Bernier’s briefs is an opportunistic publicity stunt. Otherwise, who’d care about her and her sad, tormented life? Read about it here on the Montreal Gazette.

As for Julie Couillard’s mother, she sat on a panel called “Expert Panel of Older Workers” for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development before being given a three-year mandate from the federal government to arbitrate employment-insurance disputes. She holds a PhD in economics from McGill University. She appears to have been involved in politics for awhile. Just Google “Diane Bellemare” and uncover a little for yourself. Do we see the old familiar face of nepotism peering around the corner?

Speaking of autobiographies, what ever happened to Gillian Guess’ book? Now THAT would have been a riveting read!


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