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An eagle’s life is saved

Just when you’ve lost almost all hope for humanity, something remarkable rejuvenates it. Some time ago, an eagle was shot by a poacher in Alaska. The eagle survived, but barely. The poacher shot off the eagle’s beak, and the eagle was found on a dump site, emaciated and starving. Through a series of events and connections, the eagle found its way to “Birds of Prey Northwest” where it has recently been fitted with a prosthetic beak. The eagle has been named Beauty, and she will live in captivity for as long as possible. Please read about the remarkable effort to save this beautiful creature’s life on the Birds of Prey Northwest website.

While one human almost ruined the life of this magnificent bird, many others are doing what they can to save it. I hope the person responsible for Beauty’s misfortune turns himself or herself around, becomes a better person, and actively works on preventing others from doing anything like this. It’s so senseless. And for those caring souls who are doing what they can to help Beauty get a new lease on life, I hope they are thought of highly, and their efforts are recognized and rewarded. They are to be greatly admired.

Ingrid – gazing at the reflection of the puddle


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This entry was posted on June 14, 2008 by in Main.

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