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Oh No! Not a second time…

Hello all,

This is a post about something that happened last month, but I am only just now getting around to posting up about it… sue me.

So we had such a good time during our New Years Training, that we decided to do it again… Sort of. we really had wanted to do our training at Rolley Lake in Maple Ridge, but on January 1st, it was frozen over, and there was 6″ of snow on the trail. So we ended up in Port Moody. But on the 13th of January it looked like we might be able to pull it off. We though we were all on board, but of the five of us that made it out to the New Years Training, only two of us showed up this time, Sensei Andy and I. everyone had all kinds of excuses.

Special Thanks to my wonderful wife, Ingrid, who not only braved the cold to take the fantastic photos, but also ran the video camera, because she was the only other person there. That’s dedication I tell you, following your husband around, taking pictures of him doing insane things.

We started with a run around the lake to warm up.

Followed by some kata, which included Hangetsu,


and Niju Shiho


and a little Sochin


And for the record, Yes we are actually standing IN the snow, See?

We also did some kumite, and as expected, I didn’t fare so well in the Shodan vs. Nanadan


Of course no winter training would be complete without a little dip in the lake. Somehow though wandering out after punching our way in seems a little anti-climactic, so we punched our way out again as well.


Some pleasantries,

and we’re off to Andy’s for some of Cathy’s famous chili, which makes all the cold worth it.

Anyone who want’s to join us on the next one can just send me an email through this page, and I’ll make sure you can come play as well. Heck you don’t even need to be a martial artist, we’ll let anyone crazy join us.

Neil. Punching in the puddles


One comment on “Oh No! Not a second time…

  1. Molly Legge
    March 13, 2008

    OK…the last time I tried this it disappeared before my eyes. However, after being out of B.C. for the past few year, I would like to congratulate Mike Scales (say hi to Liz) and Andy Holmes for their advancement in rank & to Mike for winning the Master’s.

    Now, after viewing the pics from your New Years’ training, I remember why I switched from Karate to dance (besides not getting hit). However, I totally admire you guys ..including Elizabeth Wynstra for her continued dedication.

    Will be in Van end of March, so if you want to get together, email me at mollylegge@msn.com

    love and miss all you guys, Molly :<)

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