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Polar Bear Kumite

Well another New Year has started. What does that mean for me and a select few brave, and perhaps foolish souls? Karate training on the beach. Sensei’s Holmes and Julson, Kyle, Justin, and I, all karateka from the Torakai Dojo went down to Old Orchard Hall to train on the beach, and have a little dip in the water. Our original plan was to train at Rolley Lake in Maple Ridge, but there was four inches of snow on the trail we would run on to warm up, and the lake was frozen, so on to plan B. We met around two o’clock, and got ready.

My lovely wife, and partner in this blog, Ingrid came with us and took all the fantastic photos. Our friend Vicky came as well and operated the video camera for us.

First a short run to warm up, then into some stretching.


Some push ups


and straight into some basics


After kicking some sand around we spent some time on the kata

Bassai Sho.

Here’s Sensei Holmes demonstrating the special Yoi at the start.


and the rest of us give it a go.




Then it was time to move on to some kumite, and Sensei had a drill that would maximize our time in the sand.







And then the good stuff. Time to go for a dip. As is tradition, we don’t just go running in like some wacky polar bear people. We approach it with the style and grace of a trained karateka. With oi zuki and zenkutsu dachi.






All that was left was a little Mokoso,


and we were ready for some yummy soup lovingly provided by Sensei Holmes wife Cathy.


All in all a very successful start to the new year. The only question is….

Will you be there next year?

Training in the very cold puddles,



4 comments on “Polar Bear Kumite

  1. Rob Ingram
    January 4, 2008

    How long til your #*$@% reappeared?

  2. Grandomaster Scales
    January 11, 2008

    I think this like Sushi. The Japanese having a joke with the Gaijin making them think raw fish is cool. Rumour has it that Kanazawa Sensei took the Universtity club outside and had them stand knee deep in warm mash potatoes and Yamaguchi Sensei was fact pictured under a hot shower. They are having a great laugh with all these idiotic Gaijin freezing their **** off in the winter training outside.


  3. Mervin Harper
    February 23, 2008

    I would like to see that happen in the yukon on Jan. 1st.

  4. ingridandneil
    February 24, 2008

    So would, I think, the rest of us Mervin. Maybe next year we’ll see how the Yukoners throw down.

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