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More excitement from California

Hello everyone,
I’m sitting here backstage listening to all the exciting talk about the future of Adobe, and I thought I’d Post a few more photos of the gig.

This is another one of the room in all it’s glory.

This is a picture of one of our Power distribution areas, we call them Dimmer Beaches.


and this is the area that Video was using to control the 14 different projectors and 6 prompter monitors around the stage.

So Tonight we have the final night gala, and tomorrow we take it all down and go home.

I might post some shots of the strike if I get a chance.


Lighting the Puddles.


One comment on “More excitement from California

  1. Ingrid
    December 13, 2007

    Hi Bunn,

    Wow, that looks like a heck of a gig! I’m glad you’re coming home soon. You can rest your weary feet.

    Love you!


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