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Salutations from San Jose

Neil here, coming to you from the McEnry Conference Centre in Downtown San Jose.  I’m here as the Master Electrician for the Annual Sales and Marketing meeting for Adobe.  This is definitely  one of the larger lighting rigs I’ve ever been responsible for installing.  I’m here with Phil, who’s programming the show, as well as Steve, the Lighting Designer, and Fox, another Tech, who is helping me keep all this goo running.  I will post pics in the next couple of days once I have a chance to take some.  But I thought everyone might be interested in some of the trivia involved with this show.  There are 116 moving lights, and 284 conventional lights, two dimmer beaches, and a total of 1600 Amps at my disposal.  I wandered through backstage yesterday and counted 35 LCD monitors between 17″ and 30″, and 19 laptops, the vast majority of which were Macs.  6 Mac Pro towers, and that was on top of the video switchers. 

It’s a pretty big gig.     

Pic of Me and the stage.   

A Shot of the FOH Rig    

And a pic of the Cyc and floor lights.  

So far we’re looking pretty good, tonight is the Adobe Idol, and tomorrow is the awards finale.  then we tear it out and go home.  I plan to take a bunch more production shots, and I might post them if I decide that someone might care enough to look at them. 

Talk to you soon.


sleeping on the edge of the Puddle.


One comment on “Salutations from San Jose

  1. barbro
    January 18, 2008

    Very interesting and imperssive,Neil! So now it will be known what you ACTUALLY do, eh!

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