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Guy Fawkes Night


Okay, this is late, but hey, it’s being posted! Neil and I were invited to a Guy Fawkes party. What’s that, you ask? Well, Guy Fawkes was basically a British terrorist back in the 1600’s who tried to blow up parliament because they were mostly made up of Protestants. Well, he was caught, Parliament wasn’t bombed from the kilos of gunpowder he had hidden in its cellars, and his punishment was that he was going to be hung, drawn and quartered, but he managed to kill himself before they got the better of him. Gruesome story!

Well, leave it to the Brits. They now “celebrate” Guy Fawkes by having huge bon fires and burning effigies of him while drinking beer, spirits and wine and generally making merry while Guy goes up in flames. So we’re invited to this party. We’re asked if there’s anything we could recommend to make as his head because over the past few years they’ve used milk cartons with a happy face drawn on with a marker, but it’s kind of toxic and they’d like to use something else (and we’re in theatre, so we should know, or something like that). So I volunteer to make Guy’s head. I make it out of papier maché, over a balloon, and paint it with tempera paint.

We take it to the party, where great hahaha and hohohohoho ensues as we stuff his suit and tacky Hawaiian print shirt with hay, and attach the head and a straw hat complete with a jaunty feather. We go out, place Guy on his funeral pyre, and light it. The body goes up in flames (pants first!) followed by his body; but the head, it doesn’t want to catch fire! It just gets darker and darker, smoldering like some weird ghostly visitor from the past, until *BLAM* his head blows, falls to the ground in two and slowly burns up. Yea, I feel like that sometimes too!

So, for your viewing pleasure, the following link has pictures to see of the night’s festivities. Enjoy!

Guy Fawkes photo album


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