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Something to consider in the new Millenium

This is a quote I found while reading an article on the cbc.ca website. The Article is “Wireless Society” by Georgie Binks. The quote is from Kaan Yigit, president of Toronto consumer market-analysis firm Solutions Research Group. While some people may feel like they never get to leave the office behind when they receive calls and e-mails at all hours, others now take a more casual attitude toward work — with justification. Says Yigit: “It used to bug me when my staff played games on the job, but it has to work both ways. If I can e-mail them at 7:30 at night, I can’t turn around and tell them not to play solitaire on their computer or talk to their friends at 10:30 in the morning. Interesting thought, I welcome thoughtful comments from both side of the employment line.


Working in Puddles of Employment


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