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You don’t need to be brilliant to be in charge

I originally posted this on Facebook, Friday, Sept. 7:

Ok, so I can’t sleep. I woke up early, lay in the dark tossing and turning until I finally succumbed to wakefulness and opened my laptop at 5:45am. Perusing Facebook, checking for email, and clicking random links finally led me to CBC’s website, where I often catch up on current events.

The APEC summit is happening right now in Sydney, Australia. Our own Steven Harper has been expounding on his environmental policies, and our neighbour to the south’s president, George W. made a speech today that made me go “hmmmm….”

Remember back in the day, when Reagan stood up in front of the masses and said the oddest things? Turns out he, the most powerful leader in the world at that time, was leading the mighty US of A while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Yes, Alzheimer’s. Now he’s lauded as a hero….ANYWAY… His stoic and determined wife, Nancy, apparently ran the show with a team of advisers, and Reagan (I suppose he didn’t forget his training as an actor) managed to get through as a figurehead and spokesperson for the country. Wow.

Fast forward to today. G.W. is now the guy in charge. Let’s not squabble over how he got there, otherwise I could be writing all day. No, let’s talk about his superior intellect, awareness and common sense. According to CBC’s website, Bush called the APEC summit the OPEC summit, and talked about his host country’s troops as Austrian. You can read the article here: www.cbc.ca/world/story/2007/09/07/bush-slips.html. Then he exited the stage the wrong way and almost fell off the edge, but was guided back the right way by the other world leaders.

All right, so a part of me thinks, you know, the guy is scrutinized like crazy, and hey! anyone can make mistakes! I’m notorious for slip-ups and what I call my “peech inspediment”. But, I’m not the leader of the “Free World”, and I know the distinction between Austria and Australia and that OPEC is an oil cartel and APEC is not. Not to mention the numerous other blunders Bush has made, a small sampling of which has been made into daily calendars, called Bushisms. 365 weird comments and mistakes made by Bush. 365 daily affirmations that it doesn’t take brilliance to be in charge. A quick Google search showed me that there was a 2006 Bushisms boxed daily calendar, and Matt and Feenie gave us a 2007 daily desk calendar, so if each day is in fact a different quote, then there are 730 published Bush blunders, at least.

Ronald Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s, right? So what the heck does Bush suffer from? Variously, I’ve read that he has dyslexia, a Freudian overbearing mother complex, addictive personality disorder, and/or complete retardation. (For those PCers out there, I’m not apologizing for using that term.) Then again, who cares what he suffers from. The point is, any one of us could be in his shoes. Clearly, you don’t have to be smart. But… you have to be connected. That’s the thing. If there’s the machine around you to get you there, and if you’re willing to play along, you too could be a leader. You don’t even have to be very determined, or work hard. You just need an overbearing mother, a father with a grudge, an ancient Greek tragedy story line, connections galore, oodles of money, offshore interests and Carl Rove.

Now, say what you will about Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, but those two are smart cookies, and although I don’t agree with them, I admire their achievements. They might be a bit blinded by ambition and power, but they’re articulate and bright, and they worked hard to get to where they are today. And, hey, Condi’s got great shoes.

As for G.W., well, he’s a testament to the over achievements of under-achievers with below average intelligence. Maybe there’s hope for me yet. All I need is some interests in oil. Thank goodness I’m Canadian and the Arctic ice shelf is melting, it increases my chances of striking it rich. And then Boy Howdy, will I support Harpo’s corporation and company led Clean Air Act. And then, when I’m in charge: watch out.


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