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Stand by Boredom…. Boredom Go.

So I’m sitting in the hotel ballroom, listening to the fine details of selling insurance and customer support, building a better agency, and emerging market opportunities. ZZZZzzzzzzz.
I’m waiting for the Morning Business session to end so we can start setting up for the Doobie Brothers. Will these people ever stop talking?

So yesterday Mel and I decided the time had come to see some of the sights of Paradise Island, so we put on our bathing suits and headed to the water park. We started with the Inner tube river ride. They have a 2-3 km winding route through the park that drifts past beaches, into caves, and through rapids. It then ends with a ride up a conveyor belt ride up to the top of the Power Tower, where you can then ride down through a choice of waterslides, all without getting off your tube.

We then went and tried out the Leap of Faith in the Mayan Temple, which is a 50′ vertical waterslide that ends in a tunnel through a shark tank. I got a little worried as I went down, and could feel my body lifting off the slide as I tumbled down the virtual freefall of the slide. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to pitch Phil off that one in the next day or two.

Mal and I then wandered over to the ocean and went for a dip in the salt chuck, which was cool, refreshing, and very salty. but very relaxing. We then decided we had enough time for one more run through the river before we had to change, and go to work. On our way back to the rooms, we decided that we had officially gotten too much sun. This morning verified that yes we have gone from pasty, to red with pasty bits.

After a quick shower and some food, we returned to the room to set up the last few bits for tonight’s opening session. We did a little bit of decor lighting in the First year members Reception, and set up the last of the follow spots, and stood by to do the show. The last ten minutes prior to doors were a bit hectic as the Video guys were still desperately trying to get it all working, and then we needed to move the lift, put a spot into it, and be up and ready before doors. We almost made it. The lift died, so we got it to the nearest wall, and threw everything into it, and was ready about ten minutes after doors. Our job as Spot Operators was to pick up the entrance of the First time attendee of the conference that were led in by a local Bahamian Group, lots of Brass, and whistles, and Dancing. Once they came in, it was time for dinner, and we were done. I stuck around and took a few shots of the event. It was very high energy.

So I will post again tomorrow and let you know how the show with the Doobie Brothers went.

Till then,

Neil, deluged in Puddles


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