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Swimming with the Fishes…

Hi Everyone, Neil here again.

So we are all set up now for the show. Just a few little tweaks as the week progresses. Which means we have a little more time for sightseeing, and exploring. Mel and I went and checked out the Water park yesterday, and it looks pretty cool. There is a canal you can float in on an inner tube that takes you UP to the top of the slides, and a lazy river run and Drag racing slides with time clocks. So in a few minutes we’re gonna go check it all out.
Here’s a couple more shots of the area


This is the Power Tower Slide that is a 50′ drop into a tunnel through a pool full of these guys

This is the Innertube slide building. Also good fun


I will post more once we’ve tried all this stuff out.

Talk to you later.

Neil. Slider into puddles.


One comment on “Swimming with the Fishes…

  1. Ingrid
    May 14, 2007

    Hi Bunn!

    I wonder what the sharks think when they see all those big, pink dinners sliding past them?

    Glad to hear you’re having some fun on this gig. “Hi” to Mel… wish I was there.


    yer Bunn

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