Puddle Jumpers

Enjoying life, off the hamster wheel

Day Three, and counting…

Greetings, Neil here.

I’m still in the Bahamas, I’m sitting in a cafe near the hotel with free WiFi. not only does the hotel charge for their wireless, but it’s really unrelible as well.

We’ve just finished the load in, or are at what I would call in my other life “substantial completion” we’ve focused all the lights, and got all the set decor lights working. So tomorrow we do a little cleanup, and we’re done. The Lighting department is in really good shape. so is the Audio Department. the carpenters have been setting everyone back for the last three days, and we’re getting a little worried about the Video crew. There are eight very expensive, and complicated projectors in the show, and they brought two spares just in case… Well as I was leaving tonight they were in the process of swaping out the second spare, so they are now flying without a net. I hope it all holds together for them.

Mel and I took an extended Dinner break tonight and went for a wander around the resort. We found an exhibit called “The Dig”, and it’s built around the concept of what an archeological dig of the rediscovered Atlantis would look like. It’s full of Very cool tunnels and some of the most amazing aquariums I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty cool. Pictures will follow soon I promise.

We’re planning tomorrow to check out the water slide that leads into a tunnel underneath the shark tank. Should be a few kicks, I’ll let you know how it works out.

Thats all for now,

Talk to you soon.

Neil, Waiting for time to find the puddles.


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