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It’s not the Destination, it’s the Journey…

Hi All,

Neil here posting from the ostentatious Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.


I’m here on another corporate gig for Farmers Insurance. Yesterday was a travel day for me, and I’ll tell you it was a trip and a half. It all starts, as these usually do at the Vancouver International Airport, at 6:00 am. My flight left at 8:10 and I wanted to get through the lineups without hassle. So I get to the check in gate, and I am directed to use the self-serve kiosk. No problem, I think, I’ve used these before. Unfortunately the guy helping me seemed to be a little new at the whole thing. We get to the part where the machine spits out a boarding pass, and it al of a sudden hiccups and tells me it can’t help me, and I have to see the woman at the actual check in desk. Sure, OK I think, although I though this was supposed to make check in easier and faster, not longer and more convoluted, but what ever, so long as I get on the plane. Customs guy is pretty bored once I tell him I just traveling through to another country. Security is also pretty low key. I have to say that if you have to travel get the early flight, even if you are like me and don’t like mornings, because it’s so much smoother with out all the lineups.

So get on the Continental flight with no issues, and fly 5 hours to Houston. Get off with enough time to use the washroom, and fine the next gate, and we’re back in the air for 2.5 hours to Ft. Lauderdale. Again, no major issues. In Ft. Lauderdale we have about a 45-minute layover, just enough time to get a snack, and check my email. Time to board out Gulf Stream 120 twin turboprop. Good times. I have to stow my carry on in the belly for this one though because it won’t fit on the plane very well. So we fly just over one hour to Nassau, and land, all is good. It’s about 21:30 hrs local time, and the airport is pretty quiet, except for our flight, and one or two other 30 seaters landing around the same time. So I go to the baggage carousel and wait, and wait, and wait some more. Then I start to worry. Then I find one of the porters, and ask if there is any more luggage. No there isn’t. So whom do I talk to, to report it missing? The guy directs me to the lost baggage desk, where I stand in line for about 10 minutes before being told that I’m at the American Airlines station, and I need to speak to the Continental people. OK, where are the Continental people? Oh, they’ve already gone home!!!! So whom do I talk to? I have to come back tomorrow!!! Great. I try and phone Continental from the airport, but I have no change, and I can’t get a hold of an operator on the phone. Maybe they’ve gone home for the night as well. So I cab to the hotel, and ask them to help me. The Guest services desk puts me in touch with the reservations desk at the other end of the 1-800 number, and she tells me I have to call back in the morning. So I call Ingrid, and tell her the good news. She kindly offers to call around for me, because it’s like $3.00 USD every time I lift the handset. Sounds like it got left in Houston for some reason, and should be coming over on one of the first three flights the next day.

So this morning I Call the 1-800 number and the woman tells me, that I need to call some other number, well by this time I’m getting a little fed up with all this, so I demand she just connect me direct, which she does. The woman at the Baggage number place starts by asking for my lost baggage file number. I tell her I don’t have one, and she is very confused. She tells me that I should have filed last night. I tell her the baggage people had already left by the time I arrived. Well, she says, I should have spoken to the gate ticket people then. I ask when they go home? Oh, they finish at 18:00. Well I landed at 21:30, so I’m not sure how that would have worked out. So after much time on hold, I finally get transferred to the Nassau Baggage people who by now have arrived at work, and found my luggage here in Nassau. Great, when can they have it couriered over to the hotel? Oh we can’t send it to you because you didn’t fill out a lost baggage report. So I start all over explaining I didn’t fill out a claim because I couldn’t find anyone to fill it out for me. So they finally agree to send it over, “it will be there in an hour”. Almost three hours later the bell desk calls and informs me my stuff is here should be bring it up? Hell yeah. So I have finally had a chance to clean up and put on some clean clothes. What a nice feeling. Load in starts in two hours, and I don’t have to wear sandals to work. This makes me happy.

I will keep you posted as to the excitement of the next nine days, and I will post pics of the Sharks and Dolphins.

Every Puddle an Adventure…

P.S. Upon re-reading this post, I realize that I sound Like Josef, and for that I appologize


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