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Walmart Redux!

Since my last post about Walmart, and wondering why people clicked on our blog looking for Walmart stuff, we’ve seen a dramatic drop off in visits to the blog. Okay, for all you conspiracy theorists and paranoid fans of Echelon… don’t worry, WE CAN’T SEE WHO YOU ARE!

Nothing that we have access to on our little blog will indicate who you are or your IP address. So, click away! Come to our blog, poke around, leave little trails of your visit so we know that SOMEONE loves us. It’s so sad to look at the stats graph and see 2 little pathetic dots on it that indicate the number of visits to our blog that day. Even zero has a dot, but it’s blackened against the zero line at the bottom of the graph…. so sad…

And if you’re a Walmart junky, G’ahead! Look for Walmart! Walmart is a FABULOUS place! There’s nothing better than getting really cheap stuff to satisfy the gluttonous nature of our conspicuous consumptive habits here in Americus’ Amerigo Vespucci’s namesake North America! And ya know, we need to save money. This is true! Life is HARD… really hard. So, better to get our shoes that are made in Vietnam, or our little embroidered purses made in Korea from Walmart and save Big Bucks. Save, save, save at Walmart! Walmart: The more you spend, the more you save!

Clearly my level of cynicism is in direct proportion to my level of fatigue.

‘Nuff said.

Just keep visiting our blog. Thanks.

Pathetically Prostrate in her Puddle


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This entry was posted on April 29, 2007 by in Main.

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