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Puddle Jumping to Paradise Island

Seriously folks – no kidding here! Fasten your seatbelts for a big jump to the puddle known as the Atlantic, to Paradise Island.

Neil’s got a gig in the Bahamas on Paradise Island. He’ll be staying at Atlantis, one of the most expensive resorts in the WORLD! Judging by their website, it’s pretty darned big. Check it out here. Make sure you have your volume turned on!

And for your reading pleasure, here are a couple of links to Wikipedia about it:

We’re hoping we can arrange for me to go too. If so, I’ll try to keep you updated on how the other half lives! 😉 I’d like to look at it as an anthropological investigation of tourism commodities, changing landscapes, ethnicity and sewage treatment. I’m kinda kidding, but kinda not! My recent ed-u-MA-kay-shon is gittin’ ta me.

For now, let’s all practice our mental telepathy, like they did in the Lost Civilization of Atlantis!

Keep in touch!



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This entry was posted on April 27, 2007 by in Main, Travel.

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