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Jumping Small Puddles this week.

Good Day All, Neil here.

I just got back from a work weekend in Seattle Washington, it was a bit of a rough one. Phil and I went down to do lighting for another corporate gig, and I think we got something like 8 hours off between 7:00 Friday, and 21:00 Sunday. But Phil and I always have a good time when all is said and done when we’re out of town. This gig had a couple of issues attached to it. First off, Neither Phil nor I had been spent enough time prepping for this show, as we’ve both been so busy the last week, so there were some holes in the system. and then we were shackled with a crew that knew virtually nothing about lighting equipment. We had to teach them what DMX was, and what a two-fer looked like. and for those of you that have no idea what these items are, fear not, you too could have been on our crew and learned first hand. Anyway Phil and I have promised that we will not go into one of these so ill prepared aver again. We’ll see how that works out.

So here are some shots of the gig so you can see what was going on.

The Client had this Bike up on stage, and some lucky sod was going to win it before the night was through. This is a Custom Farmers Insurance Bike, built by the guys at OCC for the company. Not really my style, but I respect the time and effort put into building one of these.


Those who didn’t win the bike had a second chance, as they were also giving away this car. Not a bad job perk if you ask me.


These are a couple of shots of the room when we were done, just to give you an idea what we were up to.



Stay Tuned True Believers, I’ll be back next week with more exciting work pictures from the great state of Missouri. I hope you can stand the exitement.

Neil, Jumper of Puddles Near and Far.


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