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Flickr & Andreas’ and Cordula’s wedding

As I was checking out some of the forums on WordPress, I discovered to my delight that some bloggers were able to add what’s called an “iFrame” onto their WordPress blog through Flickr, a free photo webhost. I’m not really sure what an iFrame is, though I think it has something to do with reserving a space on one server with another server’s data. So, in this case WordPress would have a little part of their server taken up with the photos I’ve put on Flickr so you’d be able to see them on our blog.

I found out what the code is and tried writing it over and over again, all to no avail. As it turns out, WordPress doesn’t allow iFrames. It has something to do with taking up WordPress’ bandwidth. As WordPress doesn’t rely on overt advertising, like MySpace, for example, I can see that they’d want to minimize the amount of space taken up on their servers. As it is, I’m amazed at how many images we’ve been able to save server-side, and even though it would be really nice to have a fancy Flash-like slide show, this is not to be. It’s probably due to a glitch in the system that has allowed a few of the other WordPress bloggers to get the code to work on their sites.

All this is to say that we now have a Flickr site, where we’ll be setting up various photosets for you to look at. Currently, I’ve put some of the nicer pictures on it from Andreas’ and Cordula’s wedding. Please visit the slideshow on our Flickr site.

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This entry was posted on January 20, 2007 by in Main, Photos.

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