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Update, and Gig Shots

Hi there,
Neil here, as Ingrid mentioned last post, we’ve been a little lax here lately, but mostly that has to do with the fact that we haven’t jumped any puddles lately. I have been mostly just working around town, doing odd gigs here and there. I was scheduled to go to Las Vegas in January, but apparently I was one of the shows budget cuts. Too bad I was looking forward to the event, which would have been a challenge for me in terms of scale. It was a 300 light, 200 automated light, 1000 LED fixture show. For those who have no idea what all that means, suffice it to say that it’s a lot of lights in one room. So it looks like the next Puddle Jump for me is Bermuda/Barbados/Bahamas in May. It’s only one of them, but I can never remember which it is. Ingrid is planning to join me as well if her schedule allows. So if anyone has a tour going out looking for a lighting guy/rigger, let me know.

So the gig in Maui was a corporate gig for an American insurance company, Sort of a thank you for their top sales people, mixed with an AGM. These functions are pretty common, most large companies have some version of it. I was working on the lighting for the event, as well as supervising the rigging.

Here’s a shot of the venue to give you an idea of what I was doing while Ingrid was sunning herself on the beach.
Room View.JPG

There were of course three of us in the lighting department.

There was Phil; the LD or Lighting Designer. He was El Hefe, and the reason the rest of us were there.

I was the #2 on the gig the so called ME or Master Electrician
I was responsible for making sure the show rig was up and running as Phil had envisioned it.
and of course Melissa our #3. We never really had a proper title for her, but she ended up being our resident LED Diva.

Here is a shot of our power distribution area, what we like to call the Dimmer Beach


This is where all the control and power requirements for our equipment meet, and are properly routed throughout the system. To give you an idea of scale, we had a 400Amp 3 phase 5 wire power service to feed our system.

And here is a shot of backstage to let all you who’ve always wanted to go backstage know the truth. Unless the catering is there, there is nothing exciting about backstage

So that’s all for now, stay tuned for more interesting bits from Ingrid and Neil

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