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Daisies amongst the Dukes

Mel, Neil and I had gone to the beach, swam with the sharks (figuratively speaking) eaten fresh coconut and driven on the wild side, as you’ve seen from a few posts ago. Then Neil and Mel went to work, and I took pretty pictures of the pretty sunset. A fabulous day – but it wasn’t over yet! Far from it. “Ring, ring” goes the phone in our hotel room, and it’s Neil: The crew is off early tonight – wanna go for sushi? Do fish swim in the sea?

We jump into Phil’s car, this time with Phil as the driver, and head up to Kihei where there’s a sushi restaurant, Sensai Seafood Restaurant, whose reputation is stellar.


Dinner was FABULOUS! Equal to our favourite restaurant here in Vancouver, Kibune Sushi on Yew St. and Cornwall. Mel, who’s a real foodie, ordered the dishes that were highly recommended and written about in food critiques. The flavours – delicious. And Phil, who prefers his food cooked, ordered a highly recommended dish with rock shrimp drizzled with a scrumptious sauce that was like a sweet and sour hoi sin sauce. Neil and I ordered the raw stuff, and we weren’t disappointed. We ordered a variety of sushi – wild salmon, tuna, different types of fish that I can’t remember the names of, and Ingrid’s favourite, unagi sushi, barbequed fresh water eel. There was even a sushi that reminded us of “Andrew Maki”, a specialty of Kibune’s named after a regular customer of theirs. Yum!

When we had finished our evening, we asked the waitress to take a picture of us.


Fearing we looked dorky in the picture, Ingrid insisted on a retake. So she took the camera, put on the self-timer, placed it on the neighbouring table, and told everyone to “get low and into the frame”. 3 – 2 – 1 … ‘click’…


Not dorky at all.

Back out in the parking lot, Phil and Neil decided to do their good ol’ boys Dukes of Hazzard car entry. What that means is taking a leap across the hood, a leap into the car, then leap around until you’re in the right spot. Here’s how it looked (sorry: blurry pictures):


Neil sliding across the hood

Phil doing the hood-slide, Neil doing the door-leap

Leaping Neil and Phil – Hazzard Boys

I dunno what’s going on here…

Seat exchange

Seat hopping

Head rest sitting

Sliding into place

Wanting to be a part of the action and have some fun too, Ingrid decided to do a non-Daisy Duke thing and geared up to do her own General Lee leap. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well…

Getting momentum…


Kinda stuck, but working on it…

Tears of laughter (what an accomplishment!).

Then we stopped at the beach, took a really important picture of the sand (could have been a mistake)

waded in the surf, and then it was homeward bound.

What a GREAT day!


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