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Out and About

Out and about

Taylor, Neil and I met for lunch before Neil headed off to work on Sunday, and before Taylor left the island to go back home to work. Then Taylor invited me to go for a quick site-seeing tour up to Lahaina, which is an old whaling village. There’s a huge banyan tree there too.

Lahaina is about 45 min. from Wailea, where we’re staying. It’s touristy, but also quite nice.


There’s a huge banyan tree that was planted by missionaries in 1873 to mark the 50th anniversary of missionary work in Lahaina. It was imported from India. According to Hawaiiweb.com, it’s one of the largest Indian banyan trees in the world. It grows very close to, and almost into the old court house. There’s an outdoor market that takes place under it from time to time.


The branches have long tendrils that dangle from them, which eventually become roots and trunks. The whole tree, which looks like many trees, is all connected. Branches, roots, trunks, branches, trunks…. It’s very interesting.


After wandering around for a little while, Taylor and I got a yummy iced coffee from “Bad Ass” coffee company. Then we wandered over to the Pacific Whale Foundation where Taylor bought a surfing shirt as a souvenir for himself. It was a good purchase, because 100% of the proceeds from the profits of sales goes directly back to the foundation.

Then Taylor took me back to Wailea, we said our goodbyes, extended warm invitations to our respective parts of North America, and off he went.

I hung out that evening in the gardens of the resort and took a few pictures. It was a lovely evening, warm and soft. The carp lazily swam around near the little waterfall…


Jasmine flowers scented the air…


Lillies bloomed near the ocean…


Palm trees swayed in the setting sun…


And the setting sun bathed Paradise in a golden light…


Another day draws to a close.


5 comments on “Out and About

  1. Barbro
    September 28, 2006

    Hi! Thanks for letting me come along on your lovely walks and explorations around the island. One Blog entry is timed and dated Sep. 27 @ 8:05 pm. I do not know the time diff, but here it is 9:05 pm right now on the very same Sep.27. Imagine that! – See ya when you get home, whenever that is.
    Love Mom/Barbro.

  2. ingridandneil
    September 28, 2006

    Hi! I’m glad you could travel with me. We leave Maui tonight and arrive tomorrow in Vancouver morning sometime. I can’t remember the time, exactly, I think I arrive an hour before Neil, and leave an hour later. Same thing like our arrival here, only in reverse.

    Very cool that you read the entry at the same time I posted it, only 3 hours after I posted it! It’s like a crazy time warp.

    See you when we get home.

    Love Ing

  3. Natalie
    October 5, 2006

    Hej Ingrid!!!
    Vilka vackra bilder du har! 🙂 I’m so happy you guys had a good time everywhere you went!! Många stora kramar!

  4. ingridandneil
    October 5, 2006

    Tack så hemskt mycket, Nat! We’ve got another 4000 if you want to see them one day 😉

    Vi ses snart… kram,


  5. eva
    October 8, 2006

    dear ingrid and neil what a beautiful idea to blog -you are back and i’ll talk with you soon -love eva.

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