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Big Beach/Little Beach

Those of you who know Ingrid well, know that she has this remarkably weird karma when it comes to planning a day at the beach. And even in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, in an area known to be desert, things are no different.

You see, it became over-cast early in the day, and after making my blog entry this morning, I ventured out to Big Beach, intending to spend the day hangin’ at Little Beach. Well, no sooner had I left our room, than it started to rain. A tropical down pour. The locals tell me it will pass soon, and so I take pictures of the “noble warrior” sculpture on the lawns of the resort, in the rain, sniff the exquisitely aromatic “butterfly ginger” I got from the gardener this morning, in the rain, wait for a shuttle to take me to Makena, under shelter, in the rain, and get a lift to the farthest point the shuttle will take me in Makena, in the rain.

No probs, I’m a trooper, and it’s the tropics. Rain is nothing, I’m from Vancouver! Besides, this rain is like no other; it’s soft, warm like a shower at home, and feels exotic on the skin – probably because I’m in Hawaii. So, I start to walk down the road towards Big Beach, in the rain. The rain goes from a little sprinkle to heavy rain. I was told by the gardener at the resort that it’s considered good luck when it rains on Maui. I’m guessing this particularly relevant in the desert part of Maui. But beach luck? Hmmmm….

Anyway, there I am, walking down the road, in the rain, getting wet and thinking this is wonderful. I’m reminded of a movie I saw a long time ago starring Holly Hunter (yes, I saw a movie, and know who starred in it, for those of you who are looking at the screen agast, mouths agape) where she’s running around Taos in a sarong, in the rain, dodging bullets. Though it wasn’t nearly as dramatic, walking past manicured golf courses on one side of the road and wild desert bush and huge cacti forests on the other was magical.


I was wet, warm, and felt like I could have been standing in the bathtub at home. I think my camera wasn’t as happy, though. I lost a lot of great pictures from the walk – it could have been from the moisture on the camera. The files were corrupted… bummer. Which is really too bad, because Big Beach and Little Beach are so beautiful. Long, sandy beaches, wild, untamed trees climbing up an embankment, black vocanic rocks and cliffs, and water so blue and clear it was like a crystal. The sand a pale terracotta colour and large, heavy clouds broken here and there with bright blue sky peeking through. And the warm rain trickling down my skin. The hotel has constructed paradise, but this felt like paradise.

When I got to the beach, for a moment it looked like it was going to try to stop raining. Alas, this was not to be, but there were a few people playing in the surf, and others hunkered under umbrellas waiting patiently for the rain to abate. I put down my towel, got myself settled, and that’s when the rain really started to come down! A nice guy who wasn’t far from where I was sitting asked if I would like to share his umbrella. I was getting soaked, and I was worried about the camera in my bag, so I took the chance. Turns out we had a lot to talk about, from crows to social musings. His name is Taylor, he’s from an area just outside Washington, DC, is married, and seems like an intelligent, nice, genuine and friendly person. He’s done a fair amount of traveling, and had some interesting observations of his trip to India. He asked Neil and I to join him for dinner before he leaves Maui, and I’m hoping Neil will have a little time away from the gig to come for dinner. I knew Taylor and Neil would get along as soon as Taylor started talking about Klingons! Ha ha!

So, Taylor and I sat under his umbrella, in the rain, on the beach, until we both decided that we had quite enough with the weather and it was clearly not going to get better. So we packed up and he gave me a lift back to the hotel, and we hoped the three of us will have the pleasure of each other’s company soon.

Later that evening, Neil, Melissa, Phil (the lighting designer) and I got together in Phil’s cavernous room – his bathroom is about the size of our bedroom at home – for pizza and a movie, “Superman Returns”. Phil fell asleep half-way through the movie and started lightly snoring, and Melissa, Neil and I decided to head back to our rooms, so we never finished the movie. I see a movie night in our future. Maybe we’ll see it on the plane. “Poseidon” was the movie de jour on the way over (it’s BAD… up there with “The Core”). Anything would be an improvement over that one.

And so, another day passed.


Stay tuned for more!


5 comments on “Big Beach/Little Beach

  1. Barbro
    September 24, 2006

    Hi, Donna and I enjoyed your trip in the rain while chowing down the icecream you left here in the freezer.

    Donna the art critic extraordinaire thinks your sunset photograph should be put in a travel brouchure.

    PS In Vancouver we have nothing but sunshine at the moment .

    Love Donna & Barbro.

  2. ingridandneil
    September 25, 2006

    YUM! Sounds good, chowing down on ice cream. Mel, Neil and I are planning to order the “do it yourself sundae” where you get a pint of ice cream and all the fixin’s. We figure the three of us should be able to polish it off, no probs.

    Thanks for the compliment on the picture. I didn’t do much, really, the sky did all the work. I just pressed the shutter button.



  3. Taylor
    September 27, 2006

    Great chatting with you at the beach Ingrid! I hope you enjoy your stay in Hawaii.

  4. ingridandneil
    September 27, 2006

    Hey Taylor, it was great chatting with you too! It was nice meeting you and Neil and I hope to enjoy a longer lunch with you sometime soon!

  5. ingridandneil
    September 27, 2006

    By the way the name of the good jazz bar that the woman from Friends of Little Beach asked me to pass onto you is called “Yorman’s”, and it’s in Menehune Shores Condo in Kahei.

    Better late than never. Good to know for next time, eh? 😉

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