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Ich bin ein Berliner! (Day 9/10)


Hi! We love Berlin! Went to Poland and back in about 32 hours, and now we’re on our way back to Ansbach. It’s September 2, and we’re going home in 2 days. We’ve had a wonderful time, and once again will attempt to catch up on our postings before we leave the continent. So, onward and upward, as Dr. Bob would say.

DAY 9/10

Left Göteborg for Ansbach with an overnight train to Berlin. When we arrived in Berlin after sharing a 6 person “couchette” (we wanted 1st class, as that’s what you get with the Eurail pass, but they were all booked up) with 4 guys, all backpackers, 2 from Ireland and 2 from France (it was a rough night… think toned-down hockey locker room smell), the conductor, who didn’t speak a word of English the whole trip, knocked on our door 5 minutes before the train arrived in the station and said, “Good morning! Welcome to Berlin. Get off the train. Auf wiedersehen. Good bye!” And that was that. We jumped out of bed, quickly gathered our stuff and hopped off the train. We were the first ones off the train, and it seemed like everyone else took the command less seriously. So there we were, standing on the bottom level of the Berlin Haupbahnhof, a colossal station with 3 levels for trains, the subway and the “U” line, and 2 levels for shopping and eating. Amazing! Turns out they opened 6 months ago, and for the first time, Berlin now has a central train station.

Anyway, 2 hours and a visit to the grocery store in the station for yogurt, fruit and coffee for breakfast, eventually took us to the train to Ansbach, a modern, highspeed train with comfortable seats. We called Uncle Peter when we arrived and he took us to his cozy home in Dessmansdorf, a short drive from Ansbach.

Uncle Peter had made up our bedroom so nicely, it was like stepping into a little boutique hotel, complete with yummy chocolates placed on the towels on our beds, and a little pitcher for water and glasses by our bed side tables. Ingrid’s cousin Irmgard cycled over to meet us, and we had a great visit, the 4 of us. We bought some food for an easy yet yummy dinner. Uncle Peter demonstrated German driving techniques for the Autobahn.


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This entry was posted on September 3, 2006 by in Germany, Main, Travel.

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