Puddle Jumpers

Enjoying life, off the hamster wheel

Day 8


We took the train to Göteborg. Patrik, Helena and the kids met us at the train station to send us off. They even gave us a bag of Swedish candy to nibble on for the journey. Too cute!

It was a very pleasant trip. We were picked up at the station by Ingrid’s second cousin Per, who took us back to his place where we met his lovely wife Annika and their three children.

The sons took Ingrid and Neil down to the sea, where we jumped off the rocks into the water.

It was a lot of fun, until we ran into a stinging jelly fish. We quickly swam ashore and walked back to the house where we had a delicious dinner Annika and Per had prepared. Later, we helped the family put together a bed from Ikea for their eldest son, who has outgrown the bed from his childhood. (Very easy – thanks, Ikea!)

The following day we had a long, good talk with Per and Annika. They are so very nice, and Per is a member of the Swedish parliament, and Annika is a doctor, so together they have some very significant issues they are interested in. It was a very stimulating talk, and left a lot for Neil and I to think about. Later, Per took us on a quick tour of Göteborg and to a lovely church with an outstanding view of the city, and then dropped us off at the train station. Sherpa Pelle dropped us off at the station…

We had such a lovely time in Göteborg!


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This entry was posted on September 3, 2006 by in Main, Sweden, Travel.

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