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Day 6 (Dalsjölund)


We started out today with a train ride to Gnesta, near where Ingrid’s mom’s Cousin Åke, and his wife Gunnel have the famous summer cottage Dalsjölund. Åke picked us up at the train station, and after a quick bit of shopping we were off to the cottage. We got to the cottage where we met with Gunnel, and their son, Johan’s brother Fredrik, and were off again as they had booked us all a lunch reservation at a place called Öster Malma.

It used to be a mansion on the lake for some rich dude, but now it is owned by the Hunters Guild of Sweden, and has a little dining area in what used to be the stables. We had lunch and then we wandered around the grounds for a while. We could here the distant “pop, pop, pop” of the firing range across the lake, and Åke told us that they fire something like 100,000 rounds per year at that range, and shooters come from all over Sweden to use it. Too bad hunters in Canada can’t have a clubhouse this nice.

After our walk we returned to Dalsjölund, where we wandered around the property, and took lots of pictures.


Åke on the famous rock outside Vasaborg:


Then Ingrid, Fredrik and I grabbed our swim gear, and went for a walk to the lake, for a swim.



We had quite a good time at the lake, it was so nice and warm, even though the hardy Swedes were whining a little. Johan, and his daughter Moa even made it down for a bit.

After the swim, it was back to the cottage for dinner in the back yard, though Ingrid had to make a detour to an apple tree, for a “ripe” apple (ask her about it, I dare you). Dinner prepared by Gunnel was wonderful, but you can’t have an outdoor dinner party without first doing the next best thing to vacuuming: mowing the lawn…


After dinner Ingrid, the brothers Landgren and I went for a hike up the “mountain” behind the house, where we watched the sunset, and took more pictures.


But all good things must end, and we finally left Dalsjölund, riding back with Johan who had driven out after work.


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This entry was posted on September 3, 2006 by in Main, Sweden, Travel.

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