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Day 5

DAY 5:

Johan kindly lent us his car, and we drove to Uppsala. Uppsala is the oldest university in Sweden, and one of the oldest in Europe. Ingrid’s grandparents lived there, as well as her mom and sisters before they moved to Canada. Her parents were married there, and she lived there for 6 months when she was 14. It’s a beautiful town, steeped with history (surprise!) and the cathedral (Domkyrkan) is spectacular. We walked up into the bell tower where they have a display of religious relics from the middle ages, like this cloak with an appliquéd likeness of Jesus in relief (apologies for our ignorance to those who know the names of the regalia worn in church):

Then, in the church proper Erik XIV’s remains (for all those Erik the XIV fans out there – you know who you are!)

And the tomb dedicated to Gustav Vasa.

There are many kings and queens buried here, and it’s worth a visit. It’s a beautiful gothic cathedral.

So after being suitably overwhelmed in the cathedral, we went for a walk in the town itself. Ingrid was accosted by a Swedish drunk guy, then we went for dinner in a cute Greek restaurant right on the canal.

After Dinner we drove into old Uppsala to a place called Uppsala Högar, where there are Viking burial mounds, and a museum.

There is also an old church that had some significance, that we can’t remember having seen way to many churches by now. If any one can remind us of the history of this church, please leave us a comment, and we’ll add it into the blog.

We also ran into a very cute cat, which is beginning to become a theme of this trip.

And what better way to cap off a day like this? How about visits to Ingrid’s Grandmothers apartment, and the high school she attended when she lived here.

We actually ended our day with a drive back to Johan’s house in Stockholm, but the drive in the rain was pretty boring compared to seeing Ingrid’s Swedish High School.


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