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Day 15

DAY 15

Uncle Peter lent us his car, and we drove to a lovely medieval town called Creglingen which had a small church with an exquisite altar from the 1300’s. The workmanship is so detailed, so intricately carved… there’s another like it in Rottenburg by the same master carver; unfortunately, by the time we made it to the church in Rottenburg to look at it, the church was closed. There were other beautifully carved pieces in the church, and we took our time to look at them carefully.

The altar:

Altar detail (look at the hands of the figure holding the book):

Altar at the back of the church:

After walking through the church and the church yard, we continued onto Rothenburg, a medieval town that largely survived the war unscathed, and is a major tourist attraction in Frankonia (as this area of Bavaria is known as). We had lunch in a nice restaurant with a view of the valley and surrounding hillside.

Rothenburg still has a wall surrounding the town, and you can walk along most of it, which we did.



There are sections of the wall that have the name of sponsors who’ve donated money to the preservation of it, and you too, for 10,000€, can contribute to maintain 1 meter of the wall. You’ll even get a plaque with your name and the donated distance inserted in the wall. There were donors from all over the world. Neil and I wondered if they’d accept a donation for 1 mm.

Rothenburg was so pretty. We explored it from below, noticing all the flowers in bloom, and old signs on buildings and medieval buildings renovated in the 1700’s, changing the façades:

and from above, from the wall, where we noticed this building in the Frankonian style with a sign dating from 1496:


We finished our day in the square, and at 9pm the clock struck and then a song was played on bells as two windows opened in the clock tower, revealing two figures. They were animated dolls who turned their heads towards the square, then away, then they raised a glass to their lips and did this a few times for about 3 minutes, while the bells chimed a tune. Then on the final note, the windows closed and it was all over.


The amused spectators clapped and laughed, and this seemed like a good time to start winding our way back towards the car, retracing our steps past homes clad in roses and wrapped in history.


2 comments on “Day 15

  1. CD Replication Man
    January 7, 2007

    Nice place!

  2. ingridandneil
    January 10, 2007

    Thank you, CD Replication Man!

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