Puddle Jumpers

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Day 14

DAY 14

Irmgard cycled over to Peter’s and then we borrowed Peter’s car and the three of us went over for lunch to Peter’s second wife, Ingrid. We had a traditional Frankonian meal, with a dessert of dry cake, fruit sauce and whipped cream…mmmm… hearty and yummy. We had a very nice lunch in Ingrid’s restful home, and afterwards Irmgard took us to look for a portable hard-drive, as the poor computer was running out of space with the cagillions of pictures we’ve been taking. After some effort, we found a 120 GB drive and Isadora the G4-ah, is running happily again.

When we returned to Peter’s Irmgard procured from some hidden corner of the house, boxes of chocolates and cookies. Sugar-rush induced antics ensued, and Neil thought it necessary to record the insane event, starting with the cookie-bag tug-of-war…:


… Followed by Extreme Tickling which drew the white slipper from Irmgard:


And finishing off with a special meditative technique – Irmgard’s chair yoga:


After the sugar crash, it was time for bed.


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This entry was posted on September 3, 2006 by in Germany, Main, Travel.

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