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Day 13

DAY 13

Uncle Peter’s first wife, Ingrid, invited to take us to an outdoor museum in Bad Windsheim. They’ve moved homes from middle ages to the 19th century and reconstructed them in little period-style villages, so you can see the evolution of Frankonian architecture and technology over the past 700 years. It was incredible and overwhelming at the same time; there was so much to see and process. Here’s a picture of Neil on the upstairs level of a medieval home. They were a lot smaller back then, or maybe just didn’t have 8 ft. 2x4s.

My favourite part of the whole exhibit, besides all the pretty window boxes with geraniums and typical Frankonian-style gabled houses
was the cow barn. They lived like royalty! And the barn was in the same house as the family, separated by a door and a couple of steps.

But before we went to the museum, Ingrid brought us to a winery in Ipsheim where she bought the wine for the Andreas and Cordula’s church wedding in September. The proprietor was very friendly, gave us many sample of wine and showed us where they make the wine at the back of the store. We bought a bottle of “Bacchus”, and wanted to buy a bottle of walnut liqueur, but the owner refused to sell it to us, saying that the liqueur won’t be ready until Christmas, so she insisted on giving us a bottle anyway! We left the winery feeling pretty happy in more ways than one! Here’s a picture of two happy Ingrids:

From the winery, Ingrid took us to Mr. and Mrs. Jagush, Cordula’s parents. We were treated to a delicious lunch, and Mr. Jagush showed us the church he ministers. It’s oldest part is an old Roman church, then it was added onto during the middle ages and finally updated again in the “German Baroque” style. It’s a Lutheran Protestant church, and the Jagush’s live in a house on the church property that has a big back yard with lots of space for kids to play in. We also looked at some old church records. They have records dating back to 1586, which was amazing to see. The records record births, marriages and deaths, and there was one book that recorded hundreds of deaths in one year due to disease. If you’re of German heritage and you think your ancestors came from Ipsheim, you can go to this parish and trace your family history.


Before we left, Mr. Jagush gave us a bottle of wine from a special mountain in that region. It’s called Red Mountain, and the grapes have a distinctive taste because of the red earth. The Jagush’s were very kind, and after a cheerful “farewell” Ingrid took us to the museum.

The day was long, fun, a lot of walking (the museum is 130 acres) and we ended our day with Ingrid at Uncle Peter’s, drinking delicious organic Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong tea from the Granville Island Tea Co. Aaaahhh…..


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