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Day 11

DAY 11

Andreas and Cordula’s wedding.


This is the reason we came to Germany in the first place, and is the catalyst for the rest of the trip. Ingrid’s cousin, Andreas, got married on August 19 to Cordula. We were invited to the civil ceremony in Ipsheim (a church ceremony will take place in the middle of September), with the mayor officiating. It was so nice and relaxed, and afterwards we went to a cute little restaurant for an early dinner. A few people got up and spontaneously played the piano, including Uncle Peter, or gave toasts, and Andreas’ little brother, Richard (after a bit of goading from his Canadian cousin, Ingrid) played a lovely piece on his tuba during dessert. Everyone was so surprised that a tuba could sound so delicate. It was lovely.

Between lunch and dessert, guests and wedding party went for a walk to an old church with a manor home surrounded by a little lake beside it: a perfect setting for pictures of Cordula and Andreas.

The manor is still used, though no longer by the head of the town, and we could hear a little child playing inside. We walked around their slightly unkempt gardens with Romanesque statues here and there. It must have been beautiful in it’s glory days.

Dessert was made by Cordula’s mother, Mrs. Jagush. She made several different types including Tiramisu, and they all looked like they came from a bakery. Here’s a picture of Cordula and Andreas cutting the cake, with a good view of the dessert table:

We quickly made friends with our table mates, Cordula’s brother and wife, Carsten and Regina, and were invited to visit them in Würzberg the following week.

Everyone was so nice to us, and we had such a nice time at the wedding. Cordula and Andreas are a lovely couple, and we wish them much happiness in the future.


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